Appalache Real


After Balfa brand had gone to UK, the original Balfa philosophy stayed in Canada, where Jerome Roy (Balfa co-founder) prepared the successor of Balfa BB7 under new name - Appalache Cycles

Appalache Real

The Real utilises all unique Balfa's idea and solutions (see "BB7 Frame overview" for details):

  • High pivot suspension design with chain pulley;
  • "Parallel trajectory" axle path;
  • Aluminum front, Cr-Mo swingarm.

But it is also:

  • Lighter - 9.5 lbs (4320 g) with FOX DHX with titanium spring;
  • Lower bottom bracket, lower top tube;
  • Shorter chainstay and wheelbase.
  • A bit simplier - less complicated swingarm links and pulley location


As users and reviews report, the Real maintains BB7's advantages due to similar high pivot suspension design - the frame still maintain momentum over rough impacts and has stable wheel base. However, weakest points of old design were improved - frame is lighter, shorter and lower, therefore it can be much more agile and nimble at low speeds, while still being stable at high speed.

So, you may ask, is this bike better, than BB7? Yes, it is.

See "Links" below for more information.


For details about Balfa BB7 geometry go to "Geometry data" page.

  Balfa BB7
Appalache Real
Seat Tube length 16.6 422 15.5 393.7
Top Tube length* 23 585 23.25 590.5
Head Tube Angle 66° 66°
Seat Tube Angle 63° 69°
Chainstay Length 16.9 430 16.25 413
Wheelbase 45.2 1149 ? ?
Bottom Bracket Height 15 380 14.75 375
Head Tube Height 4.6 118 4.5 114

* Appalache Real is available in two sizes:

  • Small - 21.75" (552.4 mm) top tube
  • Medium - 23.25" (590.5 mm) top tube (used for comparison)

Important note: Geometry data above is based on official website and applies for first frames made. Currently available model has slightly modified geometry.


Visit "Technical data" for comparison with the BB7. Generally, these parameters stay pretty much the same.

  • Rear wheel travel - 9.1" (231 mm)
  • Seatpost diameter - 27.2 mm
  • Seatpost collar diameter - 31.8 mm
  • Headset - 1 1/8"
  • Rear axle width: 135 mm (standard 9 mm QR or 10 mm thru-axle hubs)
  • BB shell width - 73 mm
  • Shock length x stroke: 222 mm (8.75") x 70 mm (2.75")


The Real's suspension is generally similar to Balfa BB7 - see BB7 Frame overview and BB7 Suspension design for general idea and details.

Appalache Real suspension layout
Appalache Real suspension - static
Appalache Real compressed suspension
Appalache Real suspension - full compression

Suspension characteristics (red line shows type of suspension rate) and axle path (dimensions in milimeters):

Appalache Real suspension characteristics
Suspension characteristics - raising rate in whole travel (green and pink lines for comparison with BB7)
Appalache Real axle path
Rear axle path - rearward in first 180 mm (green line for comparison with BB7)

You can download Appalache Real layout for Linkage2 here (view BB7 suspension design for details and program download)



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