Balfa BB7 opinions and reviews


If you read this site, you probably already know a thing or two about the BB7, so technical details aside (view "Frame overview" and "Technical data" for details), let's go straight to good and bad things about the BB7.


  • High pivot suspension design - frame soaks up sharp-edged objects at every speed, maintains momentum very well;
  • No pedal kickback - chain growth is close to none;
  • Constant wheelbase - it's predictable and you can push the suspension for extra stability;
  • Very stable and forgiving at higher speed and while jumping;
  • Low centre of gravity - rails the corners;
  • Fairly low standover height - inspiring confidence, especially for smaller riders;
  • Simplicity and predictable feel of single pivot bike;
  • Sturdy, built to last for ages;
  • Suitable for racing as well as freeriding;
  • Well, it's a classic!


  • Sluggish handling when speed drops (it slightly gets better when the shock is mounted in steeper, "FR" position but then high speed handling is compromised);
  • Rather on the heavy side;
  • Some design issues (shock reservoir hitting the linkage, chain device decreasing tyre clearance - see "Technical data");
  • Prone to brake-jack (as any single pivot; fixed by optional floating caliper set);
  • Rear end is rather flexy;
  • Poor pedalling efficiency- this bike goes only when pointed down the hill;
  • Restricted access to rear shock adjustments - unscrewing upper mount is often needed.


It's always best to know as many people's opinions as possible before making a decision. You can save a bit of Google-time by clicking these links:

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These are maybe not as valuable as full reviews, but you can still find some unique comments about building up and riding the BB7: