Balfa BB7 model history

Here you can find changes, upgrades and modifications in consecutive year models of BB7. You can also visit Balfa Historic Bikes page to see earlier models.


Photos by: nikitoy, rushtom

  • Aluminum front end, Cr-Mo swingarm;
  • 7.5" of travel;
  • Pulley placed outside of the linkages;
  • FOX Vanilla shock.


Photos by: tattooman and Pinkbike archives

  • New design of front triangle;
  • Slightly changed linkages;
  • FOX Vanilla R shock;
  • Shock mounted to mainframe behind the bottom bracket.


Photos by: whoflungdung, konarider98 and Pinkbike archives

  • New hollow linkages;
  • FOX Vanilla RC shock - newer, beefier shocks can't be fitted;
  • over 11.1 lbs (5kg) with shock.


Photos by: smp747 and Pinkbike archives

  • Second generation of the BB7;
  • 9" of travel;
  • New two-piece link plate design with pulley between the frame and link plates;
  • Shock mounted to mainframe in front of bottom bracket;
  • Lighter weight.


Photos by: mattyg, col-dee and Pinkbike archives

  • Progressive Suspension 5th Element rear shock option;
  • Floating disc brake caliper mounts on the seat tube.


Photos by: dropoff, l-plates, pbuser25016, wooyek

  • Headtube gusset;
  • More machining on the headtube (two vertical grooves);
  • Only one shock mounting hole in the main frame;
  • Less material (therefore weight) in the bottom bracket/shock mount area;
  • Updated link plates in latest frames.


Photos by: wooyek and Pinkbike archives

  • Updated link plates and chain pulley (old plate on the left, new one on the right)


Photo by: jeansebastien